In the case of dark colors, small surface damage will be better visible than with a product in a light color. To prevent scratches and surface damage, it is advisable not to slide the accessories across the floor, but to lift them. A dark product can be cleaned just like a light product with soapy water.


To recover color or to deepen, use a car wax, in the color of the item. Waxing a product twice a year prevents dirt from adhering and keeps the product cleaner and cleaner. To prevent local discoloration, it’s recommended to move accessories regularly. Experience has shown that long-term exposure to sun, wind and weather, while an accessory stays at the same spot for months, becomes visible (this is not essentially different as for example with wood and other materials).


Dark products are provided with vent holes at the bottom, this means that the sandwich construction is manufactured in such a way that there is an air layer between the top laminate and the rest of the product. When exposed to sunlight, a dark product will reach a higher temperature than a light product, with the air layer expanding. The small holes in the bottom of the product ensure that the air can escape. We ask you to take into account the above to avoid surprises, and wish you much pleasure from your One to Sit Outdoor Furniture.



In order to achieve the rusted appearance, products are provided with real iron, in which the rusting process is accelerated by chemical treatments. To prevent the rusted iron from shedding it’s color on clothing and such, our products are provided with two layers of clear coating.


  • The coating needs time to harden and can, for example, turn white in the rain, which will disappear over time.
  • No certainty can be given with regard to the leakage of rust droplets onto the floor if the products become wet, for example due to rain. For this reason, we recommend that you place these products temporarily in a location where any rust drops do not have a harmful effect, in stead of permanent placement on a vulnerable terrace.
  • The iron is a thin layer on the base product, which is made of fiberglass reinforced polyester. The coating consists of two layers, a glossy and a matte. The shiny layer is harder, but the matte layer is also required. Rusty products are not resistant to scratching parts. The surface can handle some scratches, but it is and remains a sprayed surface that can be damaged. Normal use is desirable to keep your products beautiful for a long time.
  • Rust products can change appearance in the course of time, as happens with iron products.


Maintenance of rust products is best done by using boiled linseed oil. This is for sale at (almost) every DIY store and is best applied with a cloth or brush and after approximately 10 minutes of drying with a dry cloth the linseed oil picks up the color and removes scratches. Maintenance of the armrests can be made with teak oil or cleaner. We ask you to take into account the above to avoid surprises, and wish you much pleasure from your One to Sit Outdoor Furniture.



The water reservoir of the Sphere and the outer shell are two separate elements. This creates an air layer between the outer layer and the water reservoir. This air layer in combination with the seat cushion and the rain cover ensures that the water reservoir is completely insulated. As an extra precaution, antifreeze can also be added to the water. This is available in every hardware store. By allowing a few liters of water to flow out of the Sphere, the water can expand at extreme low temperatures. Because the water reservoir is completely closed, the water can smell. This has no further adverse effects. Smelling is somewhat counteracted by the addition of antifreeze. We ask you to take into account the above to avoid surprises, and wish you much pleasure from your One to Sit Outdoor Furniture.



The Vintage collection is made from an aniline leather. Vintage leather is produced from specially selected South American cattle. The natural characteristics of the leather are visible. The fine, but sturdy grain pattern creates a very special appearance and is characteristic of the high-quality vintage product. The vintage leather is strong yet soft and supple. In order to obtain a vintage look with the aniline leather, certain species are produced used waxines.


Op Zuid-Amerikaanse runderen zijn altijd brandmerken aanwezig. De fabrikant kan er voor kiezen om deze in het eindproduct te verwerken. Vintage leder is een natuurlijk product. Daarom zijn kleurafwijkingen ten opzichte van staal en in een One To Sit kussen collectie niet te vermijden. Wilt u de used look van krassen verminderen, dan kan dit gemakkelijk door middel van warme lucht (föhn). Houd de föhn min. 20 cm boven het leder en blijf de föhn bewegen boven het leder. Het vintage leder is een natuurlijk product en is niet bestand tegen water, vuil en kan bij zonlicht verkleuren. U kunt het leder regelmatig behandelen met een zachte cleaner. Belangrijk hierbij is dat u de cleaner licht en gelijkmatig met een zachte doek inwrijft. Vermijd hard boenen