Sphere Collection EN

The Sphere is a very relaxed way of sitting. Below the seating surface is a hermetically sealed water basin for about 90 liters of water. The Sphere is standard available in all RAL colors and in a ‘Naturals’ version. The Sphere is provided with a seat cushion that fits exactly in the Sphere. In addition, two different standard Pillow sets are available with various small cushions and a back cushion or large cushion. Optionally, a rain cover is supplied that can easily cover the Sphere so your cushions remain protected against rain and wind. All combinations in outer and inner color can be made with no additional cost. Dimensions: diameter 140 cm, height approx. 70 cm. Optionally a plastic ring is available, which limits the swinging and provides a stable, comfortable relax chair.


All products are available in any RAL color or in Rust / Copper / Bronze.


Durable outdoor furniture made by hand from composites, that guarantees quality and minimal maintenance. Made for both indoor and outdoor use.


Sphere Rain Cover

All cushions are also separately available



SPHERE 1 – including cushion set 1
1,4 m x 0,7 m

SPHERE 2 – including cushion set 2
1,4 m x 0,7 m

SPHERE  – including one cushion
1,4 m x 0,7 m


SPHERE PLANT 1,4 m x 0,7 m